1st July 2016. Ekna, Rottne, Sweden.

Unfortunately we only had one night beside the lake because half way through the evening we discovered that the fridge didn’t work off the van battery (except when the engine was running) so we needed to go back up to the top field and plug into the electric hook up.

We reluctantly left the pitch, drove back up the track, turned the sign round to say it was vacant and parked in the field near the farmhouse.

We were disappointed to have to go back to the field, the lakeside pitch was so private but our van was the only vehicle parked in the field and it had a stunning view.

We also saw two black and white Eurasian cranes fly overhead.  They were making a hell of a noise as they passed by, which did us a huge favour because without that racket I’d have missed seeing them.


We worked/tried to catch up with the blog until the evening and then we went for a bike ride to explore the site which was huge.

We cycled down the first lane we came to.

The farmer had made a track down to, and around, one side of the lake but it also went the other way into the forest so we cycled that way.  Our lesson for today was that a forest is not a good place to be on a warm evening!  The mossies were out in force and I was dreading having to cycle back the way we’d just come.

Luckily for us we discovered the farmer had made a high bridge over the canal so my gallant husband carried the bikes across the bridge.

I was about to cross when we heard a boat chugging along the canal but what made it more entertaining was that they were towing a larger boat and a poor boy was standing at the back of the small boat HOLDING the tow rope.

It was touch and go as to whether he was going to make it back to the marina without falling in, judging by the anguished look on his face he had the same feeling!  He did make it without getting wet because we saw him when we cycled past the marina.

We cycled past fields of wild flowers on our way back to the van.

This is such a pretty area, we’re very glad we stayed here.


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