1st September 2018. Skipsea, England.

After a very good night’s sleep we had such a lazy start to our day that we missed breakfast at Mr Moo’s which finished at 11.30 so we strolled back to our van, had a quick snack and set off for a walk to the village shop, a mile away, to buy some eggs and a newspaper.  We were very glad there was a breeze, it was an unusually hot day  for the UK.

We found the shop but as usual we bought far more items than we intended, luckily I had a lot of spare bags in my rucksack.  Darren was lucky though because I found some homemade beef burgers which meant he didn’t have to have Quorn ones in the evening.

We had thought about trying to find a way down to the beach but as we discovered later we would have been wasting our time.

When we got back to the campsite we wandered over to the ice cream shop and bought a couple of quiches for lunch, and very nice they were too, then we got our chairs out and sat in the shade reading.

It’s amazing how hungry reading makes you, after a while we succumbed to the call of Mr Moo’s where we had a scoop each of orange marmalade and blueberry yoghurt which we shared, they are DEFINITELY my favourite flavours.

In the evening we walked down to the beach in the hope we’d burn off a few calories.   Some chance!

We walked along the beach trying to find the way up to the beach road we’d seen but although we walked a long way we found nothing but a crumbling cliff face.  As we retraced our steps however we noticed a strip of tarmac halfway down the cliff, THAT was all that was left of the road.

I took lots of photos of the sea and fields on our way back to the van as usual, I’ve no idea what I think I’m going to do with them.

When we got back to our van Darren set the TV up then discovered we’d forgotten something else in our rush to leave home, the TV remote control!  We were both pleased that he managed to find a way to change the channels using the satellite remote and snuggled up to watch a little bit of TV.  It was important to get the TV working because tomorrow Pride and Prejudice was being shown and our son Morgan had worked as an extra in it, here’s hoping we will catch a glimpse of him at some point.