2nd September 2018. Skipsea, England.

We had another good night’s sleep and a reasonably slow start to our day.

We wandered down to the village shop for a newspaper and then popped along to the village hall where they were having a car boot sale.

We were hoping we might replace some items we’d forgotten to put in the van.  It was only a tiny car boot sale but we managed to get a teapot at one stall and a tea strainer at another.  Darren found some books to keep him happy and I found a glass lemon squeezer (it’s imperative to have equipment to help with squeezing glass lemons).

I found a book that I wanted to buy but we were 5p short so we had to find some way of breaking a fiver to get change! Fortunately there was a cake stall and another selling tea and coffee so while Darren bought tea I went to get a slice of cake.  That was mistake number 1……I returned with a handful of change as intended along with a HUGE slice of chocolate cake, a HUGE slice of lemon cake and two butterfly cakes because we haven’t had those for years, I thought we could have those for tea later.   Mistake number 2 was leaving the cakes with Darren whilst I went to buy the book, I came back to see him tucking into a butterfly cake, naturally I had to eat mine too and then we made short work of the chocolate cake (because it would have been squished on the walk back to the van, that’s my excuse and I’m sticking to it!) whilst we sat drinking our tea.  The ladies who’d made the scrumptious cakes told me that it was to raise funds for the Youth Club, I was only too pleased to add to their coffers.  The ladies seemed to be thoroughly enjoying their morning, they were so nice and chatty.

When we got back to the van I had a good clean up and reorganised the cupboards while Darren set about giving the front of the van a wash down.  It looked much nicer when he’d finished.

We polished off the lemon cake for our unhealthy lunch then in the afternoon we went over to Mr Moo’s for our final ice cream which was absolutely delicious.

We’ve had a thoroughly enjoyable day today and will probably find it impossible to sleep with the amount of sugar we’ve eaten today, but it’s been worth it!