1st September 2016. Neukloster, Germany.

This morning I finally got round to cutting Darren’s hair.  We bought some hair clippers when we were in Gekås and hadn’t had the chance to use them.  I was a little worried about using them, I don’t have a very good track record when it comes to hair clippers.

I used to cut Darren’s hair and during the years our boys were at Junior School I cut their hair too until one day when I was trimming Austyn’s hair the comb on the end of the clippers fell off.  I didn’t notice until I’d run the trimmer along his hair and left a VERY short stripe up the side of his head.  Whoops!  He was devastated.  He was certain he’d get detention for having a weird hairdo.  I calmed him down (possibly sniggering while I was doing so. BAD mother!) and called for Morgan to come and have his hair cut, when he didn’t appear I searched high and low for him.  He only reappeared once I’d put the clippers away (apparently he’d been hiding) strangely enough all three boys had long hair (which actually looked great on them) for a number of years until they were confident that I’d hadn’t had any mishaps with their father’s hair and eventually allowed me near them with the clippers again.

Oh look, just for a change I digress!  Darren made sure the comb was securely placed on the clippers and I trimmed away.  While I was trimming his hair the maintenance man was busy cutting hedge nearby with hedge trimmers and he came over brandishing the trimmer and offered his assistance, it’s great that he was able to joke with us even though we didn’t speak the same language.  Darren’s hair looked lovely when I’d finished, even if I do say so myself.

We went for another stroll by the lake in the evening, it’s so pretty here it seems wrong to lurk in the van.


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