31st August 2016. Neukloster, Germany.

I spent a lot of the day working on some photos, Darren read a book, which was good to see as he so rarely does that.

I was going to do some washing using the site facilities today.  The notice said that we needed to go and pay at reception, which we did.  Initially it seemed quite expensive (it still does at €18!) but the lady told us we should leave the bags of washing, go and enjoy our trip and come back in 5 hours when it would all be washed and dried.  OH, WOW!  What a fantastic surprise!

There was a clock by the walkway to the toilets with a buddleja bush growing beside it, it was absolutely smothered in butterflies and as I was photographing them I noticed that the clock had Paddington, London written on it.

In the evening we stretched our legs and went for a short walk by the lake.

As we walked back along the same path a snake suddenly slithered across the path just in front of us.  I was really cheesed off, I tried to take a photo of it but it was so fast all I got was a photograph of the dirt!  I walked over to see whether I could still see him in the grass but he’d vanished.  I’m not sure what is wrong with me, I chased after a snake in the garden a few years ago to see whether it was a grass snake or an adder, as it disappeared into the undergrowth I suddenly realised what I was doing!  I really must think before I act, it would be far better in the long run!

When we returned to the site I collected our washing, it was a real treat to be handed a bag of clean and beautifully folded washing.  No doubt it will be the last time we find a fantastic service like that on our travels.

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