22nd April 2017. Hejlsminde, Denmark.

Today was a work day, the weather wasn’t manky as had been predicted so we watched people coming and going to walk their dogs and their children.  Again no one stayed very long, but it was very entertaining.   We watched a lady pull up in a car with a trailer (most of the cars that came were towing trailers) she spent ages getting her child ready for a walk, they set off down the path with their dog at their heels and were back within 6 minutes!  We guessed that her son had whined so much that her ears couldn’t take the strain!

In the afternoon we took a walk along the beach, it was nice and warm in the car park, as we stepped on to the path that led to the beach and left the shelter of the hedges we were hit by an ice cold wind blowing off the sea, however as the path dipped down towards the beach it became more sheltered. Consequently we had a very nice walk along the beautiful sandy beach AND as an added bonus I was thrilled to discover swans swimming in the sea, as they had in Sweden.  The sea was crystal clear and relatively still thereby forming a huge mirror which reflected the blue sky and white clouds.

There was a high tree covered bank to the right of us as we walked along on the shoreline.  We were surprised to discover that the floor of the woodland was covered in a carpet of white anemones and sprinkled with patches of yellow flowers.

We had the beach to ourselves for most of the walk, as I sat on a rock looking out to sea a swan swam up to the rocks, of course the battery on my camera chose to die at that moment.  With my photography opportunities abruptly brought to a close I started walking and caught up with Darren who was busy photographing a sea snail.

We tootled off back to the van when he’d finished the sea snail photoshoot because our stomachs were reminding us that we hadn’t eaten since breakfast and it was now 5 p.m.

We really enjoyed our stay here.

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