24th April 2017. Egeskov, Denmark.

We woke to an overcast sky and as we had breakfast it began to rain.  That changed our plans for today, we had intended visiting Fredericia to see the fortifications and Middelfart just because we’d first heard the name mentioned when we met Tim and Vicky (from the Life’s Too Short tour) in Gothenburg and we were all being very childish about the ‘funny’ town names we’d encountered.  We decided it was far too cold and wet to visit either of those towns and that we’d press on to Odense instead.

Whilst Darren was having his regular Monday morning phone meeting I watched a coach driving across the big bridge, it was crawling along, it was either the strong wind scaring the living day lights out of the driver or the coach was breaking down!  It took him almost 10 minutes to get to the other side.

As we drove up to the main road we caught sight of the wind sock which was horizontal!  No wonder he was driving slowly.

We drove through Middelfart but the joke was on me because I wasn’t concentrating and missed the signpost!  D’oh!  We did see lots of pretty tulips there, I’m amazed that they haven’t been blown away by now.

We didn’t end up staying in Odense either.  We didn’t have any luck with two of the stop overs and when we went to the third and it turned out to be a busy car park we decided that we didn’t need to stay in rainy Odense so we travelled on to Egeskov Castle.

It is a beautiful castle and it looks like it’s got lots of interesting things to see in the grounds but unfortunately the grounds and castle were closed until Saturday so we made do with a walk around the outside instead where there were two pretty thatched buildings with interesting roofs.  The wooden structure on the ridge is similar to the type of finish on Swedish thatched roofs only the end of the wood looked much sharper!  We could hear peacocks calling in the grounds.

For once the evening sky was reasonably cloud free and as there weren’t too many lights we went out to look at the stars, we could see loads but there was still a little light pollution.  I can’t believe that we’ve travelled so many miles and have been unable to find a clear black sky with no light pollution.  On the rare occasion we have found somewhere without any lights the sky has been cloudy so still no star gazing!

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