25th March 2017. Lake near Terena, Portugal.

Darren had work to do today so we had programmed this stop in because it looked like it would be a lovely place to stop and work.  Even better it was forecast to pour with rain which is always a good thing after all who wants to be sitting indoors if it’s a lovely sunny day!

True to their word it did rain for  large part of the day and then the sun came out which encouraged us to go out for a walk but also had the disadvantage of stopping us from working.

We walked along a lane that ran alongside the  reservoir, we could see storks nesting along the way and hear turkeys and geese on the farm.  Nearer the water all we could hear was the gentle lapping of water on the shore.  There was clumps of wild lavender growing amongst the trees and the only other people around were in a 4 x 4 parked looking out over the water.

We walked back from there and over the dam wall to see what was so exciting over there.  We have been intrigued watching people, driving along the road along the dam wall, turn around in the car park at the end and drive straight out again, numerous people have done that since we’ve been here, even the people who have stopped (about 3 cars) haven’t bothered to get out of their cars!   We were expecting to see people fishing here but nope!  As far as we could see the view from that side of the lake wasn’t much different from where we were parked so we’re none the wiser about the strange goings on round here.

We were pleased to see that another motorhome had turned up when we got back, I had a brief chat with him when we were both outside taking photographs of the beautiful sunset but as the sun disappeared it suddenly became very cold so we both rushed back into our vans.

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