26th March 2017. Lake near Terena, Portugal.

Every day this week we’ve been told the weather was going to be horrendous but apart from part of yesterday there has only been a sprinkling of rain, this morning however it absolutely pelted down with rain and the wind was blowing a hoolie.   Our neighbour headed out, sensible man.  Our original plan had been to move to Vila Vicosa but it certainly wasn’t the weather for sightseeing so we had a duvet day, phoned our parents, the rain became so loud at that point that we could barely hear my mother-in-law speak, and we spoke to our son Gethan then we did some more work and in the evening watched a film.  It was definitely like being on a boat today, the wind was very strong and kept rocking the van, I was worried that it would keep me awake all night but luckily the storm passed at bedtime, once again we were camped here on our own.

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