28th August 2016. Hohenkirchen Beckerwitz, Germany.

We decided to stay another night.  We wandered down to the café to pay for our stay and to find out what the signs meant by the entrance.

While we were in there we discovered that they sold cold beer for €1.30 a bottle and they also had food.  We ordered some food after the man had taken us out the front to show us how the cassette emptying facilities worked and explained why they were so expensive then patiently, at my request, told me how to pronounce some of the words on the entrance sign and explained what they meant (Darren and I had been standing there for a good 10 minutes earlier on breaking down the words and guessing what they meant, apparently Übernachtung doesn’t mean ‘very important warning’ it means ‘overnighting’, still at least we’d given it a go!)

We had a very unhealthy meal of chips for me, they were the only vegetarian thing on the menu, and Bockwurst in a roll with some of my chips, for Darren and a bottle of beer each while we were sitting in a swinging seat which was the only seat available with some shade.  We were pleased to find that it came to the grand total of €7, that’s more like it.

After our ‘meal’ we got our nice chairs out and sat in the shade of the van trying to work out where we’re staying tomorrow night, who’d have thought it could be so difficult.  We have two choices in two completely different areas so it remains to be seen where we end up.  When we’d sorted that out I hand washed a few things which Darren hung out to dry while I wrote up the blog.

We saw a hare sitting in front of the van this evening, of course we couldn’t find my camera and when we did someone walked up and the hare ran off before I could take a decent photo.

Darren brought the washing inside when we had a storm with thunder and lightning thrown in.  We were amazed to find the washing was still damp considering it had been a baking hot day.

The storm finished after a couple of hours but we could still see lightning in the distance every now and then.


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