29th August 2016. Neukloster, Germany.

We are going to move today to a stellplätze near a lake.  We want to stop for a while to get ourselves organised (fat chance but you have to give it a try.  You could be right Darren!) make a rough plan for the next part of our trip and arrange to have a generator delivered to us.  We’ve decided after a lot of umming and aaahing (much of it before we left home) that it would be very useful to have one so we don’t have to keep finding stops with hook ups every few days which will give us more choice on where we stay.  We looked at getting one in Sweden but couldn’t find any and in Germany they are 30-40% dearer so it seems it’s much cheaper to pay the extra delivery costs from home and my kind parents have offered to have it delivered to their home and send it on to us.

The journey to Neukloster was lovely, lots of fields with crops or animals in them.  When we came up through Northern Germany in May the crops in the fields were still very young but now they have either been harvested, are being harvested or are ready to be harvested.  It’s interesting to see the change but worrying that the time seems to have flown by.

We passed some flower fields too, it looks as though they sell gladioli, I expect Morrissey kept them in business during the ’80’s.

We arrived at the stellplätze after a short detour (the main road into town was closed) and passed this painted little shed, we’ve seen a lot of painted sheds in this part of Germany, it’s always a nice surprise to suddenly spy one.

The town seemed to be deserted.

As we drove down a cobbled tree lined avenue we couldn’t decide whether the SAT NAV was giving us the correct directions or whether it was having one of its ‘moments’ where it sends us off on a magical mystery tour but just as we were really beginning to doubt it we saw a motorhome sign hidden amongst the trees.

We thought we’d drive in and have a look to see whether we wanted to stay here, however things don’t always go the way we intend.

As we drove up to reception we noticed a barrier at the entrance to the stellplätze so Darren went in to speak to someone (Haa! Haa!  I say ‘speak’ as if he’s fluent in German, what he has learned to say so far from our German C.D’s is “Wo ist bitte die limonade” which is still far more than I’ve got in my repertoire) the outcome of that was Darren got back into the van and we were shown to our pitch by a man on a little electric scooter with a ‘Follow me’ sign (in English) on the back.  We still haven’t figured out why it was written in English when every van, except for us, was German and EVERYTHING else including the information leaflet we were given on arrival was written in German, maybe if the words were written in German they were too long for his little scooter. (Follow on note:  Been here a week and still only German vans!)

It’s a lovely little site, we’re about 50 metres from the lake which we get glimpses of through the trees.


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