3rd December 2016. Benidorm, Spain.

I’m intrigued by the sound of the cockerels, last night I heard one that sounded like it was going eeeerk!  He seemed to be putting in a lot of practise so I hope he gets the hang of it before too long.  There are some very professional sounding cockerels giving their all so he must be getting thoroughly ribbed with his feeble attempt to emulate them.

It was another nice day weather wise and Jane needed to get some washing done.  We followed suit and Darren took the mattress protector and the rest of our washing down to the large campsite washing machines.  He was able to put it in the tumble dryer now the bird poo and cola stains had been washed out!   It had taken FIVE days to wash and dry the thing and it had become dirtier as the days progressed, at least it can go back on the bed now.

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