3rd July 2016. Visit to Växjö, Sweden.

We travelled to Växjö today.

It was beautifully sunny in the morning which was perfect because we stopped at Kronoberg Castle en route.

It was a stunning location.

We bought an ice cream, cake and coffee (just for a change) and sat beside the lake watching people coming and going along the jetty to the steam boat that was waiting to leave, the captain reminded us both of Captain Birdseye.

We had a walk around the ruins of the castle and up on to the raised grass bank around the outside of the castle, picking our way carefully between the Canadian goose poo that was liberally scattered around.

On the way back to the van we saw an unusual boat/raft floating up to the jetty, with two men on board, and as it docked a dog jumped out followed closely by one of the men.

I was able to add to my growing collection of photographs of American cars as we returned to our van when we spied an American car parked near by.

Our return proved to be very good timing because although the car park had been virtually empty when we arrived it was full to bursting when we got back, two cars were driving around looking for somewhere to park, we freed up three spaces when we left so I expect they were happy.

We arrived at Växjö and found somewhere to park very easily, most unusual.

We got the bikes out and it started spitting with rain so I voted we wait in the van to see how heavily it rained.  It was a good call because the heavens opened.

When it eventually stopped we hopped on the bikes and went to explore the town.

It turns out we should have got there earlier because the glass museum was closed, the town was very quiet, possibly because it was a Sunday so we just cycled around randomly until we found a little kebab shop through a little alleyway off the shopping centre.

I’ve never seen such a HUGE kebab wrap, it was as long and thick as my forearm.  Darren’s kebab was an open one that looked a bit like a pizza and it had chips on it, it was also huge and could have easily fed two people, they were both very nice.

On our way back to the van we found a glass sculpture placed as a centre piece to a fountain and a bronze of two naked ladies.


I’d been looking forward to seeing the road with glass sculptures placed along it that I’d seen mentioned on Google but we couldn’t find it so it must have been a temporary exhibition which was rather disappointing.

We did find a glass fountain and spotted some glass balloons in an office window which were great.  The green glass of the fountain looked beautiful as the sun shone through it.

We left Växjö and returned to the site at Rottne Ekna.

While we were watching the swallows darting across the field of crops we suddenly saw a hare run down the lane in front of us.  I wonder if it was the same one who ran down there yesterday and if so where he’s off to.

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