3rd October 2016. Prien am Chiemsee, Germany.

Well, what an interesting evening, it has been unbelievably quiet here at night until last night when a group of very drunk men walked slowly through the village shouting loudly to each other (we assume).  They hung around near the hotel for ages, just to make sure EVERYONE had the pleasure of hearing their conversations, and after about 40 minutes they slowly and loudly wandered off somewhere, by which time I was wide awake (No, never happened didn’t hear a thing!).  Apart from that noisy interlude I can’t believe we’ve found somewhere so quiet to stay.  We’ve been the only motorhome staying here over the past three days.

We have finally run the leisure batteries down, we’ve never managed that before but with the lack of sun yesterday and the heavy use of the laptop the alarm has finally come on (we’ve never seen that so Darren was pleased to see that it works).

After breakfast we’re packing up and heading off to our next stop.  It’s a German holiday today so we’re hoping there will be room for Van D and Frankie (Lucy and Mark’s van) at the stëllplatz, we’ve told ourselves that there should be some spaces because everyone will be heading home today (and it’s raining which also helps to empty the stëllplatz sooner) I hope we’re right!

Before we went there was just time for a short walk and a quick paddle.

It was a beautiful drive to Prien am Chiemsee with a bit of added excitement when we encountered some very bendy roads in the mountains!

Then we eventually arrived at the stëllplatz at Prien am Chiemsee.

We’d chosen to meet there because it was roughly half way between us.  There was a large town nearby where we hoped to get our brakes looked at.  The stëllplatz was advertised as having electric hook up, which proved to be a necessity because our leisure batteries had almost run out even with the slight charge they got during our drove there.

The stëllplatz was by the lake and we pulled into a space overlooking the lake which was lovely.  However when Darren went to connect to the electric hook up he discovered that it was disconnected!  He checked for all the other facilities that were in the book and they didn’t exist either!

Mark and Lucy arrived and we sat and chatted in the van for ages over a cup of coffee with grouts floating in it (I really must find a replacement filter!) then they went back to their van to prepare their dinner.

It was still just light enough for me to prepare the meal, it’s been a whole new experience not having much electricity, we filled a bucket with water just in case the toilet stops flushing when the battery runs out.

The meal turned out well, no chopped fingers in it and then we got the little battery operated candles out that we haven’t used at all on this trip.  They were as good as useless for providing light but it made the van seem a little more homely as we sat with our Tablets reading until it was time to pop over to see Lucy and Mark in their van.

It had started pouring with rain and when there was a knock on the door we thought it must be Mark but when we opened it a woman was standing there holding a big umbrella talking in German, we eventually gathered that she wanted 10 Euros for our stay there.  Darren tried asking her about the supposed facilities but she said “No electricity” and shrugged saying there may be some water and pointed towards the toilets.  This site is a complete rip off, no wonder people came so late and went so early.

We had a lovely time with Lucy and Mark.  We chatted until the early hours of this morning and Lucy very kindly shared her tiny bottle of Tiramisu drink with me, it was gorgeous.  That’s the second new drink she’s introduced me to, when we met in Würzburg she gave me Baileys and Amarula which was also extremely nice.  We had a great evening, it’s surprising how loud our footsteps sounded as we walked back to the van in the peace of the night.

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