4th February 2017. Cabo de Gata, Spain.

It was a sunny but windy day so I decided to use my washing machine for the first time in ages.  Jane had booked the site washing machine for the afternoon so I went over to see whether there was any extra washing that I could do for her.  There was and in return Jane kindly offered me the use of her vacuum cleaner which was great.

I got talking to the lady in the van next to us, Darren had noticed she was using a tiny vacuum cleaner with a hose so suggested I went over to ask her where she’d bought it as I’m STILL trying to find one like that.  She was very helpful, it looks like I need to check out Black & Decker when we get home.  She also mentioned lots of great places to visit and some areas where she had seen Griffon Vultures, unfortunately I have a brain the size of a pea and although I tried really hard to retain the information it had ebbed away by the time I got back into the van, I remember that she told me she was somewhere near Gibraltar where she saw the vultures but not exactly where and I know she said that Portugal was beautiful particularly near Lisbon and Porto, we’ve heard that a lot from various people so we’ll definitely have to visit Portugal before we head home.

Darren and I went out for a walk to stretch our legs but there didn’t seem to be anywhere to walk to except the cafe next door so we did an about turn and went in for coffee where we sat in their porch watching the world go by.

On our way back to our van we passed Jane and Steve’s van and ended up going in for a coffee and a chat, which actually turned into wine and a chat with the added entertainment of Jane modelling her dual purpose fabric slow cooker/foot warmer for us although sadly she drew the line at modelling it’s lid which we thought would make a natty hat.  Darren had seen the slow cooker hanging up and asked what it was.  It seems that it had only been used a couple of times in the two years she’d had it so he suggested that as she always has cold feet it might be more useful as a foot warmer!  I also caught her on film in the act of decanting the box of wine into a wine bottle as suggested by Darren and Lynne Dowson!

We didn’t stay long because we all had chores to do but later on Jane and Steve came round to our van to collect their clean washing, I must say when we first met in Benicassim in November I had no idea I would be washing their underwear 2 months later!  Whilst we were chatting we were most disappointed to hear that the three of us had missed a comic episode earlier on when Jane had attempted to peg out her wet sheets and duvet cover in the strong wind, apparently she kept getting wrapped up in them, I can’t believe I missed the opportunity to video that spectacle!

I’m not sure what happened with the weather in the evening but the wind apparently changed direction and pretty soon it was blowing a hoolie and became reminiscent of the awful night we had at Isleta del Moro!

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