5th December 2016. Benidorm, Spain.

We had arranged to meet up with Steve and Jane for coffee and to people watch at one of the cafes. The weather forecast said it was going to be a scabby day again but as we walked down into town we realised they were wrong, there were lots of people wearing shorts and t-shirts whilst we were wearing clothes suitable for Autumn and were suffering as a consequence!

For the first time since we’d arrived in Benidorm we got to the café before Jane and Steve (victory air punch!).  We’d chosen to meet at the Dutch café which overlooked the beach so we could have pancakes with our coffee, they’d introduced us to that café on our 2nd day here.

The Dutch waiter who came over to our table was a real character, he obviously thoroughly enjoyed his job and was full of banter (later on we saw him teasing a little boy before slinging him over his shoulder and calling out “Ben, Ben, where are you!  Has anyone seen Ben?” and turning backwards and forwards pretending to search for him, the little boy thought it was hilarious and we found it highly entertaining).

We were just having coffee when Jane and Steve arrived so we all ordered pancakes which provided us with yet more entertainment.

The waiter had brought a lemon cut into quarters and asked whether we’d like any more so Jane said could we have a little bit more, he then pressed her to tell him how much more “a little bit” was and after a lot of banter backwards and forwards Jane asked for 4 pieces to which he replied “That’s not a little bit that’s a WHOLE lemon!”  Hee!  Hee!  Sorry Jane that had to be told!

We stayed at the Dutch café for a few hours chatting and people watching and as the sun was starting to set we began the walk back towards the campsites.  Unfortunately for Jane and Steve I suddenly had a craving for tomatoes on toast which meant they were stuck with us for even longer when Jane took us to a Spanish café where she and I had very tasty tostada de tomate, Steve and Darren chose something else all brought to us by another very happy and cheeky waiter.

It had been such a lovely afternoon and we made arrangments to meet at 10.30 a.m. the next day so we could walk up to the cross on the ‘mountain’ overlooking Benidorm.

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