5th October 2016. Ettal, Germany.

We woke up to a dry day but it’s very cold, it’s definitely autumn here now and the trees are rapidly changing colour.  We’re off in search of a washing machine, I’ll keep my fingers crossed that the place we’re going to hasn’t got lots of why’s and wherefores about why we can’t use their washing machine!  We’re heading for the sun once the washing has been done!

We stopped at Linderhof Palace which belonged to Maximillian II, Ludvig II’s father.  It was tiny compared with other Palaces we’ve seen but it looked like it would be much cosier to live in than the normal Palaces.  Apparently it used to be a hunting lodge, a very grand one by the looks of it.  It was beautiful and it had other smaller buildings dotted around the grounds.  We walked round the lovely gardens, Darren called me over to look at the wonderful fountain.  They only ran it for about five minutes but we did get to see it again briefly just before we left.  We found The Hermitage of Gurnemanz at the bottom of a very long and steep hill then realised we had to walk back up the very same hill, oh joy!

There was the Moorish Kiosk, I have to say it wasn’t at all what I was expecting the Kiosk to look like.  I was focusing on the word ‘kiosk’ which in my little world is a little stand with tourist tat or sweets in it.  How on earth did that word change from fancy pants building to little wooden structure?

We had such a lovely time at Linderhof, the weather was very kind to us, it had started off extremely cold but the sun came out while we were wandering around.

We left the Palace and drove to Garmisch-Partenkirchen to the stëllplatz we were hoping to stay in and were also hoping had a washing machine.  It turned out it they did have a washing machine and I managed to get all the bedding and every bit of the washing done ready for the next part of the journey which has made me very happy indeed.

The stëllplatz is in the car park of the cable car station so we’ve been watching them going up and down the mountain.  I did this far more than was necessary due to the fact I’d been doing the long walk back and forth from the washing area to the van.  Sod’s Law made sure we parked at the furthest possible point in the car park before we knew whether there was a washing machine.  Of course we’d already paid for electricity when we eventually stumbled across it!  On the positive side it was a nice peaceful area though.



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