6th January 2017. Roquetas de Mar, Spain.

We had another lazy day today, I think Darren was starting to feel a bit better than he had been for a while but we spent the morning reading and then went out for a slow stroll for some fresh aire in the afternoon.

We walked along by the pools where I took yet more photos of the birds (the same breed of birds as last time, as if I didn’t have enough already) and then we went down to look at the wooden structure that had been built beside the beach.

I gather from the way Darren was the running up and down the ramp and trying to balance on the wooden poles in the ground that Darren was feeling an awful lot better than he did in the morning, which was great to see and I had a good laugh into the bargain.   There was something about the ramp that encouraged that, in fact it brought back memories of my sister and I, when we were children, playing in our Grandparents garden pretending we were driving make believe cars up the helical ramp in Fine Fare, Tolworth Towers, perhaps Darren used to do that too with his sister Paula.

The sky was a very strange colour so we made our way back to the van, perfect timing, it started spitting as we opened the van door!

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