7th January 2017. Leaving Roquetas de Mar, Spain.

We decided to leave today, the fridge wasn’t getting cold except when it was on mains electricity.  We had experimented the previous afternoon when we ran the generator for an hour to see whether that made a difference.  Unfortunately it also upset our nice neighbours who came and complained just as Darren had put the generator away.  I apologised before we left in the morning and the lady told us she suffered from tinnitus and the noise from the generator had exacerbated it.  I felt very bad about that, we’ve learned a lesson that no matter how many other people are running their generators it’s not good to do it when you have someone in the vicinity.

Before we left we had a lovely time watching someone galloping her horse down the centre of the waste land and along the beach, she looked like she was having the time of her life.

We had booked the van into a garage near Cartagena, they were able to fit us in in 2 days time so we were retracing our footsteps, so to speak, and headed back up the country to an aire where we had electric hook up.  Unfortunately although Darren was now feeling a lot better I had also come down with the lurgy and felt like death warmed up.

When we arrived at the aire I crashed out for the evening.   Looking on the bright side it meant that I didn’t take many photos.

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