6th June 2016. Brantevik, Sweden.

The next day we cycled (along a cycle path this time) to a village called Brantevik where we found a little restaurant by the harbour.

Again we couldn’t understand the menu and the owner kindly explained what the menu said and recommended the pickled herring open sandwich for Darren.  Darren loved it and said the herring had a different texture from fish he’s eaten before, I had the vegetarisk salad which was very colourful and extremely tasty, we shared a piece of blueberry pie that the owner’s wife had just made, it had yummy sweet crispy pastry, I wish we’d bought some to takeaway, I feel sad to know that I’ll never taste that again.

While we were eating we looked out of the window at the harbour and saw a lady wander over to look at our bikes, she studied them closely and discussed them with the man she was with.

When we’d finished eating we cycled round the hamlet, took some photos of the pretty little harbour and the sailing ship that had just come in and cycled back to the van.

I wonder how long it will be before my backside gets used to sitting on that saddle, it’s soooo sore!  We are so unfit we had to push our bikes up the steep hill to the van.

When we got back Darren started working and I did the washing in my little twin tub.  It’s a bit of a fiasco heating up water on the stove and filling buckets of water to tip into the top loader, it takes a few hours to wash all the clothes in the dirty washing bag and hang them on the clothes horse to dry but it’s so much easier than hand washing.

When that was done I set up my little ironing board on the oven worktop and ironed the shirts and dresses then hung those out too then it was just a case of moving things around so they all got some sun and willing them to dry before the sun went down.  Any items that were still damp I hung on the rail in the shower to dry overnight.  It’s worth its weight in gold, the motorhome manufacturers really put some thought into designing this van, the rail is the perfect place to hang wet coats if we get caught in the rain without making everything else damp.

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