7th February 2017. Roquetas de Mar, Spain.

Unsurprisingly I was feeling very down today but Darren found something to occupy me when he caught sight of Jane and Steve having coffee on a bench by their van, so I had to take a photo!

As they made their way back to their van a little later Jane suggested we should cycle up to Las Marinas to the tapas restaurant we’d promised to take them to Cerveceria Paseo del Golf, to be quite honest it was the last thing I wanted to do but it was actually impossible to remain miserable in the company of these two comedians and  the long ride into Las Marinas forced me to concentrate on what I was doing.  We were pleased to find that the restaurant was open, it was the had tapas at the restaurant we’d taken our boys to just before Christmas, the food there is gorgeous and the waitress was a real comedian, she’s very good at her job and chats away at every table she serves.  From there we went to La Lavento (I think that’s the name), the German bar that sells superb cakes.  We had apple cake in memory of my Dad’s great love for apple cake.  When the waitress brought our plates I was thrilled to see that the slices were HUGE, our Dad would have been in his element!  The cake was as good as ever, we had a long chat with the waitress (the one who’d almost made my brain explode when I’d suddenly realised that she was talking to me in German and Spanish the first time we came to the bar in December) she told us she would be finishing at the bar on the 17th February and returning to her real profession as a Biologist.  We discovered that she could speak Spanish, German, a bit of English, Russian and Turkish and was in fact Russian with a Russian mother and Turkish father.  It’s always so interesting hearing about other people’s lives.

We cycled back to the van where Jane and Steve went out to catch the last of the sun and we watched a horse riding around near them on the beach.

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