8th February 2017. Roquetas de Mar, Spain.

This morning I started my day the usual way, taking MORE photos of the sunrise.  Darren had made some coffee when I got back to the van so I packed some chocolate and we took that and the coffee down to the beach.  We were down there far longer than we’d intended and when we stopped to chat to Jane and Steve on our way back to the van (they were sitting on their favourite bench drinking coffee) they told us the bread van had already been and gone, we didn’t even hear the hooter over the sound of the waves.  That was rather disappointing because the baker sells yummy loaves and we had to think of something else for breakfast but laying together on the beach was well worth missing the bread van.

Jane and Steve were having a quiet day today sitting in the sun and reading but we decided to go back up to the marina to see whether the cafe we’d visited 2 days ago was open this time.

We cycled up to the marina for tapas which didn’t go quite to plan, the cafe was open this time but unfortunately they didn’t have the ingredients for the gorgeous vegetarian tapas they had made for me last time and we discovered that patatas y tomate wasn’t as exciting as it sounded when a small plate of french fries was placed in front of me with a sachet of Heinz tomato ketchup!  Darren’s tapas was still as tasty as before however.

We left the bar and cycled back along the promenade.  We’d been watching people of all ages using the exercise equipment that the council had placed at intervals along the path and we decided to have a go.  That definitely cheered me up, I wish we’d used the equipment when we were here last time, it was great fun and I used muscles I haven’t used for a long time.

In the evening Steve cooked a meal for us all.  Jane had put out plates with tomatoes and olives etc on them to go with the meal and Steve had made a very tasty pasta bake.  We had a very nice and (as usual) entertaining evening.  Thank you both for cheering me up.

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