9th August 2016. Rastplats near Sunne, Sweden.

Today turned out to involve a lot of backtracking!

Our first stop of the morning was at the Tourist Information Bureau on the outskirts of Torsby.  Darren asked the lady about the Rockabilly Festival but she knew nothing about it, luckily the other lady working there had heard about it.  This was hardly surprising because when we left there to go to the I.C.A supermarket across the road there was a HUGE banner advertising the festival!

I think this festival is top secret, there’s no address on the poster and no times either.

Rockabiilly Festival Poster

We decided to go and find the folkpark in Lysvik.  We saw two huge posters hanging on a barn in Lysvik but still with no address.  We drove around the village numerous times (it’s not a very big village and we hoped that the man on his sit and ride mower wouldn’t notice us going past for the umpteenth time, we were pleased to see he had his back to the road the last time we went past!) we even asked at a local campsite but the man working there wasn’t local and although he went into the kitchen to ask in there his directions turned out to be rather vague.

Back we trekked to Torsby Tourist Information bureau to ask them where the folkpark was.  Apparently we should have gone under the bridge that we turned around at.  D’oh!

We had a good tour of the area trying to find a ställplats, which are rarer than hens teeth in Värmland it would seem, and found the view point at Tossebergsklätten Hill in the process.

We had a great view of Övre Fryken (that’s the first of the Fryken Lakes) and there was a cute, smiley little boy who tried talking to us when we arrived and waved to us when we left.

We found an American Diner on the way to Sunne and had a nice lunch there.

I had to take a photo of the Elvis poster for my Aunty Elaine who is a huge fan.

Swedish Elvis poster for Aunty Elaine

We even saw an American car in the car park as we were leaving, very authentic.

American car at American Diner

It was drizzling when we eventually found a rastplats in Sunne.

We parked and walked up the hill to see the monument which had a huge bronze eagle on the top.

There was grass laid over the roof of a golf club restaurant which looked great, it’s a shame the area isn’t utilised there was such a lovely view from up there.  We stood by the railings and looked out over the golf course to Övre Fryken.

Back at the van we sat outside at one of the wooden picnic tables in the sun with coffee and chocolate and watched some wagtails bouncing around near us, we were intrigued two of them, a particularly greedy and insistent chick and a very harassed parent. The parents must have been exhausted from collecting so much food, it’s amazing that the chick didn’t explode from stuffing down so much food.  It’s very strange we’ve noticed that even if there is no other wildlife around there will always be a wagtail somewhere in the vicinity.

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