December 2017.

In December we spent a couple of lovely days visiting our friends Claire and Paul at their beautiful hotel Rose in Vale in Mithian, Cornwall (we had first visited them as we left the UK  ’11th May 2016 Mithian and Falmouth, Cornwall’).   We had a suite, I’ve never stayed in a suite before, and I was very excited to spy a Christmas tree in the corner of our lounge.  They spoilt us, for the first time ever I had a taster menu and it was absolutely mouth watering.  We were sad to say goodbye to them but excited that we were going to meet up with our friend Stu in Falmouth.   We celebrated Stu’s birthday with him and visited the museum which had a huge exhibition on tattooing and which has a staircase that takes you under the waterline so you can see what’s going on under there, we’ll definitely have to visit the museum next time we’re in Falmouth seeing Stu.