1st January 2017. Roquetas de Mar, Spain.

Darren was rather subdued this morning, he was feeling under par and being a meany I assumed it was because he’d had a few glasses of wine with Kelvin the previous evening (Kay and I stuck to tea!).  We had a slow walk down the promenade in the hopes that the fresh air would get rid of his headache and sat by the beach for a while

When we got back to the van we popped over and asked Kay and Kelvin whether they’d like to come over for a cup of tea.  They arrived a little while later and we spent a few hours chatting.  Unfortunately they were leaving in the morning and needed to start getting their van ready for their departure so we didn’t have quite so long together this time but it was very nice nevertheless and Darren zonked out when they went home, that was when I realised that he’d actually caught Morgan’s lurgy!

Hopefully we’ll be able to meet up with Kay and Kelvin further along our route South.

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