2nd January 2017. Roquetas de Mar, Spain.

We had a great start to the day, we were just wondering what we could make for breakfast as supplies were running low when there was a toot of a horn and a bread service arrived, fantastic timing and fantastic bread which we covered with the whisky marmalade that our friend Carol had made, heaven!

Unfortunately poor Darren was starting to feel really rough with his cold but the fridge had stopped getting cold and had started filling the van with fumes so he had to drag himself outside to have a look at the flue.

Luckily Kelvin popped over to have a quick chat with Darren about our fridge before they left, he gave Darren some ideas on how to fix it and he also gave him a leaflet for a motorhome dealer near Cartagena who does repairs in case none of the other suggestions did the trick.  While they were talking I went to say goodbye to Kay.  We had another nice long chat then they made their way to their next destination further down the coast.

When we’d waved them off Darren went back to bed and when he woke later in the afternoon we sat on the beach in the sun for a while then had an early night.

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