30th August 2016. Nuke Lobster, Germany.

Darren has renamed the place Nuke Lobster which has unfortunately led to us adding another ‘ditty’ to our repertoire.   Our latest caterwauling consists of us singing the words Nuke Lobster to the chorus of Rock Lobster by the B52s.  I suppose that will die a death when we move on to another town and it currently replaces the ‘No Elk’ song of Sweden and Norway so that can only be a good thing.

I’m suffering from a lurgy at the moment, I wondered why I was feeling so tired in Hölviken, now I know.  Nevertheless we went out to explore the town and ended up at a bakery for coffee and cake then I dragged myself back to the van and did nothing for the rest of the day.  With hindsight that was rather a selfish thing to do, luckily the only person we saw while we were out was the shop assistant and I stayed well away from her.

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