3rd January 2017. Roquetas de Mar, Spain.

Darren was still feeling poorly this morning but he improved slightly as the day progressed so we went for a short walk which ended up at the bull ring.

It appeared to be closed unfortunately although we could see into the bullring where we spied Father Christmas (well a statue of Father Christmas) so we returned to the van via the shopping centre in the hopes that we would find a vacuum cleaner, we’ve been hoping to find one of those for months now ever since ours died.

It’s the first shopping centre we’ve been to since Tannas in Sweden, months ago.  We still didn’t find a vacuum cleaner but we did find a coffee shop where we sat and people watched from the upper floor.

We saw people coming to have their photographs taken with one of the 3 Kings who was sitting on a throne and we watched the brilliant little electric cars that the children were hiring to drive round the block, it looked like quite a stressful experience for the parents keeping the cars from ramming into the legs of the other shoppers but the children were having a fine old time.    There was a huge Christmas tree on the ground floor with lots of bags of presents beneath it and there were Christmas songs playing over the tannoy system (I’d been proudly proclaiming that I’d only heard 1 whole Christmas song in the run up to Christmas and now after Christmas we were being bombarded with them, and very nice it was too).  The shopping centre was decorated with lots of Christmasy things ready for the 3 Kings celebration on the 5th January, it was a big surprise to us.

We wandered back to the van for lunch then had a stroll down to the end of the promenade in the evening and sat on the beach watching a snorkeler swimming slowly past us.

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