6th May 2018. Old Warden, Bedfordshire, England.

In May we went full circle and met Morgan, Eloise and Gethan at the Shuttleworth airshow ‘8th May 2016. Start of the Farewell Tour-Shuttleworth Air Show’   http://hartfree-bright.co.uk/8th-may-2016-start-of-the-farewell-tour-shuttleworth-airshow/

We were better prepared this time and brought a picnic with us, however we forgot to bring any form of shade and poor Eloise, who has very fair skin, had to cover herself with a blanket to escape being burned to a crisp by the sun.

It was a very good airshow, we thoroughly enjoyed it but it was sad that Austyn was missing from our trip this time.

Mind you we shouldn’t feel sad, he was busy having his own adventures touring round South America.

Click link to see The Collection At Shuttleworth: